FLETCHER Puts On A Show at Denver’s Ogden Theater

Cari Fletcher knows how to woo an audience. Known mononymously as FLETCHER, the Jersey-born singer-songwriter is making waves with her debut LP Girl of My Dreams, an anthemic pop record geared primarily towards the girls and the gays. Her presence is dynamic and energetic, taking advantage of a meticulously crafted and intricately designed stage reminiscent of a grunge-y New York auto shop. Her vocal performance is unquestionable, if at risk of being overpowered by the screams of an insatiable Denver crowd.

With a performance that is undoubtedly rooted in the power of sexuality, FLETCHER races from one end of the stage to another, gyrating with her bandmates and taking advantage of a messily unmade bed to roll around in. A sexy costume change illicit screams from the audience, with someone yelling, “Thank you for taking your pants off!” But this is not a gimmick, and this is not fluff simply for the sake of putting on a show––Cari Fletcher is the real deal. Her vocals are impeccable and her songwriting is unbelievably catchy, whether its a heart-wrenching ballad or a dance floor hit. Her ability as a performer to embody everything that is emblematic of being a true entertainer is a surefire sign that FLETCHER is ready to take her place in the upper echelon of pop stardom.

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