Turnover Brings Cozy, Groovy Vibes to Brooklyn

The weather gets cold, it starts getting dark earlier, and certain artists start making their way back into your playlist. Turnover’s iconic 2015 album, Peripheral Vision, is one of the ultimate fall evening albums, so when I saw they were playing Brooklyn Steel in November, I couldn’t think of a more fitting time to see them. 

Bringing along equally as ethereal artists like Yumi Zouma set the groovy and relaxed tone of the night. Turnover celebrated the release of their latest album, Myself in the Way, released three days prior, but didn’t shy away from their discography. Vintage home video type visuals filled the screen behind them while the twinkly guitars hypnotized the crowd to a zen state. Heads bobbed singing along to hits like “Humming,” “Super Natural,” and “Cutting My Fingers Off” while absorbing the new songs like “Tears of Change” in their purest form.

I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a chilly fall night than hearing the band of the season perform, check out highlights from the show below!

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