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The Vamps Honor Their Loved Ones with “Seat at the Table”

The Vamps released a wistful Christmas song, “Seat at the Table,” last Friday. The ballad is about those times during the holidays when we remember our loved ones who aren’t here anymore. Lead singer Brad Simpson and guitarist James Brittain-McVey first announced the song during Good Morning Britain on November 3rd.

“We wrote a song that we love. I think Christmas is a time where, naturally, you remember the people who you spent Christmas with […] that aren’t with you anymore. There is always a moment, whether it’s an hour or just around the dinner table, where you kinda remember those people, at least in our house, so we kinda wanted to write about that, and it’s a bittersweet thing. It sounds really sad in principle, but it’s actually a written way of remembering them and the joyous times you had together,” Brad stated.

“Seat at the Table” is an extremely well-produced song. The melody truly captures the nostalgic feeling of Christmas, and Simpson’s vocals are always mesmerizing. With lyrics such as “on these Christmas nights, it’s like you’re here still / We’ll always keep a seat at the table,” The Vamps empathize with people who’ve lost relatives or friends. The holidays can be a difficult time for many people, but perhaps “Seat at the Table” can help them cope with their sorrow.

Overall, “Seat at the Table” is one of The Vamps’ best songs. Though they’re no strangers to releasing Christmas music, this track hits differently. Brad, James, Connor Ball, and Tristan Evans have grown up musically in the last few years, and they’re not afraid to experiment with every release.

The Vamps released the song just in time for their Greatest Hits Arena Tour to celebrate their 10 years as a band. Kicking off this Tuesday, the band will be visiting the UK, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Undoubtedly, fans will be screaming the lyrics to “Seat at the Table” at the top of their lungs — and probably also bawling their eyes out — at the shows. You can listen to “Seat at the Table” and watch its visualizer below, and don’t forget to stream the song on Spotify and Apple Music.

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