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Alec Benjamin Takes Fans Down Memory Lane with “Paper Crown”

Alec Benjamin recently released a new version of “Paper Crown.” The original track came out six years ago and has been a fan favorite ever since. Benjamin rose to success thanks to his original songs and extraordinary songwriting. After releasing his first studio album, Narrated for You, in 2018, Alec gained even more fans because they could relate to the stories he sang about.

Along with a lyric video that features pictures from his tour, the musician surprised his oldest fans with the new version of “Paper Crown.” This time, the song is better produced, and it shows how much Alec has grown as a singer. Though the original version of “Paper Crown” sounds more raw and emotional, the 2022 track conveys the message just as well.

In Benjamin’s words, “Paper Crown” tells the story of a broken girl who “builds a castle out of her insecurities.” Using royal imagery, Alec showcases his impressive storytelling skills and makes long-time listeners grasp that Benjamin has been an amazing singer-songwriter since the beginning of his career. With lyrics like “and there’s no one to love you when you trap yourself inside,” the artist comments on how difficult it is to form meaningful relationships when you don’t let yourself be open to other people.

Definitely, “Paper Crown” is a must-listen if you are only getting started on Alec Benjamin’s music. New listeners can also check out songs like “Boy in the Bubble,” “If We Have Each Other,” and “Death of a Hero” to appreciate Alec’s talent even more.

Earlier this year, Benjamin released his sophomore album, (Un)Commentary, and he’s been on tour for a while. You can watch him live in Australia in December and in Latin America during February 2023. Also, remember to listen to “Paper Crown” below and stream both the song and (Un)Commentary on Spotify and Apple Music.

Featured Image: Elektra Records

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