Interview: CARR Talks First Single With DCD2 Records and 2023 Plans

Carly McClellan (aka CARR) is bringing edge and emotion back into alternative pop. The New Jersey born, LA-based artist recently signed to Pete Wentz and Spencer Smith‘s DCD2 Records. And with guidance from these two rock legends, CARR released “Spit,” her first single as part of the label. The track is a dark and mesmerizing ode to dating the quiet and mysterious boy. CARR’s ability to tell stories through her creative lyrics has quickly captured the hearts of fellow twenty-somethings.

“Spit” is an unconventional love song and it’s everything we need in this wild modern dating scene. CARR’s love for horror movies shows show in both the lyrics and music video. Lines like, “Cut off all my fingers and toes give it to you like a rose so I’ll always be around you,” are almost endearing to the wonderfully weird. The bluntness of CARR’s words would make a girl like Wednesday Addams proud.

Then, we get the music video which CARR said was inspired by both Saw and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. With the combination of horror and comic book madness, it’s a fun watch. The gore and humor work perfectly together to show how addicting a relationship between two flawed people can be. And the fun visual affects only enhance the fun, yet absurd vibe the song possesses. 

From signing to DCD2 and touring with The Wrecks, CARR has had an incredible 2022 and is sure to continue to surprise us next year. Her brutal honesty and unique sound has brought in listeners on all platforms. It’s always inspiring to see young women in rock empower their peers and audience. Lucky for use we were able to talk to CARR about her new track “Spit,” her creative process, and also her future plans for music and touring! Check out what she had to say:

Your new song “Spit” is your first single released on DCD2 Records: has your writing or recording process changed in any way? 

Nope! It is still pretty much the same as it always has been  

What has been your favorite part so far about working with Pete Wentz and Spencer Smith? 

I think because they’re artists it’s easier for them to understand me and what I’m trying to do. They also give me creative freedom to make whatever I’m feeling and support anything I love.

Since the music video for “Spit” was inspired by Saw and Scott Pilgrim: are there any other movies whose elements you’d like to incorporate into a future music video? 

hmmm, well, I love horror! So I think anything a bit sick and twisted  

“Spit” is a more unconventional love song. Do you think the lyrics connect more with your audience as modern dating is often unconventional?

I think so! I think them being so crazy and honest resonates with people who maybe feel that way but just don’t say it lol

Now that you are under a new record label, do you have any plans in the near future for an album, EP, or tour? 

Yes! Right now I’m currently working on my next project and rolling out alot of that new music next year. I wanna go on tour again in the spring so hopefully!

Are there any other emerging artists that you would like to collaborate with on a future project?

No one emerging but Eminem is my fav and dream collaboration  

What or who has inspired most of your music and art in 2022?

I think just new people I meet and the terrible dating scene of 2022 

And as the year is coming to an end: do you have any New Year’s resolutions, goals, or intentions (musically or in general)? 

Self love and respecting myself and what I want a bit more.

Lastly, since you are one of many talented artists from New Jersey, who is your favorite fellow New Jerseyan musician or band? 

 Well Bruce Springsteen, of course! 

Featured Image: DCD2 Records


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