OCJ Newbies Fashion Debut

Meet OCJ Newbies: The K-Pop Group Taking Over the Fashion World Pre-Debut

With 2023 just around the corner, there is a lot to look forward to in the new year. Chief amongst those things for K-pop fans, is the no doubt massive amount of groups that will debut and/or be announced. With new groups debuting all the time, it can be hard for them to grab attention from potential fans. While many listeners find their new favorite groups by hearing their debut song or seeing teasers, one group is switching things up.

OCJ Newbies Men's Uno Shoot
Members of OCJ Newbies For Men’s Uno Hong Kong

Earlier this year, One Cool Jacso Entertainment started building hype around their new trainee boy group OCJ Newbies by opening official social media accounts. The group promises to be a diverse one, with members hailing from Korea, China, Hong Kong, and the first ever male idol from Indonesia! K-pop fans will probably recognize a few members as they’ve appeared on popular idol survival shows with members Dongbin and Hyunsik competing on Produce X 101, group leader and lead dancer Lex on LOUD, and other members being seen on, World Klass, We Are Young, and Stars Awakening. OCJ Newbies is going to be a large group as well, with 13 members currently confirmed, and ultimately completing its lineup with 16 or more.

Not only that, but some of the group’s members have also already gotten to show off their strong visuals and style with features in 4 high profile fashion magazines: Elle Men UK, Cosmopolitan HK, Harper’s Bazaar UK, and Men’s Uno HK. The photos see Lex, Hyunsik, Sing, Wain, Beomsoo, and Dongbin, showing off different styles, from clean and professional looks in Louis Vuitton and Fendi, to bright, colorful and artsy looks courtesy of Moschino. The magazine campaigns have OCJ Newbies making history as one of the very few idol groups to appear in global magazines pre-debut.

OCJ Newbies Harper's Bazaar
OCJ Newbies Members for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong
OCJ Newbies Cosmo Hong Kong
Members of OCJ Newbies for Cosmopolitan Hong Kong

With the group already nearing 100k followers across their social media accounts, saying that people are excited for their debut is an understatement. With their already strong presence, 2023 could easily shape up to be the year of OCJ Newbies!

Make sure to check out the group’s official SNS accounts:
One Cool Jasco
One Cool Jasco

Featured Images: Elle Men Hong Kong, Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong, Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, and Men’s Uno Hong Kong; Images courtesy of Miller PR

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