Midtown’s Triumphant Return to Long Island

Let’s set the scene: you’re 11 years old, it’s 2007, and you JUST found out what music was. You’re absolutely bumping American Idiot, Infinity On High, & Blink 182’s self titled album on your iPod Classic while you play Brick Breaker. Your best friend has a garage sale and one of her cool older siblings is selling through some CDs. They suggest this band Midtown’s album, Forget What You Know, to you because it seems like something you might like and honestly? They want the five bucks. So you buy it, pop it into your CD drive and burn it to your iPod, google the album art yourself, and listen to it until your ears hurt from your Skull Candy headphones. You put the CD in a drawer and forget about it for at least 5 years until one day someone on Tumblr tells you that the singer of that band you love, Cobra Starship, has another project, and your world is rocked; you know them. You LOVED them.

Fast forward another decade and you hear that the band that made you feel like the coolest kid in the lunchroom is hitting the road to play a few shows, obviously you’re there. I had the pleasure of connecting these dots on the 9th with Midtown playing at Mulcahy’s and they lived up to the daydreams of what a show of theirs would be like back then. Midtown played like they never stopped. Their energy never dipped, even though they played through a solid two-page setlist. They truly made the show feel like a room full of old friends watching more friends perform at a local bar. The show also featured hometown heroes, the Movielife and Sainthood Reps, who both did Long Island proud and emphasized the community feeling Midtown created. Don’t miss them the next time they tour & check out some highlights from the show below!:


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