Monsta X Beautiful Liar

Monsta X Falls In Love With a “Beautiful Liar” on New Single

Monsta X has returned with their highly-anticipated comeback for their 12th mini-album REASON. The group is no stranger to hard-hitting songs, and with the album’s lead single “Beautiful Liar,” they may have one of their strongest and most intense songs yet.

“Beautiful Liar” doesn’t waste any time getting down to business. The song, with lyrics written by members Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M, finds the group falling hard for a love they know is toxic. The lyrics follow the intensity of the track with the usage of heavy words (destroyed, blood, selfish, etc.) throughout its duration. Opening with a roaring guitar run, the song quickly becomes an exhilarating rush of rock and dark dance beats. It races toward the chorus, building up anticipation for the chorus the whole time. And just when we think the chorus is going to go to even loftier heights, it subverts expectations by opting for a more rhythmic moment as a call back to the first verse, led by drum machine beats and touches of low-frequency siren-like synths. With how fast-paced the track goes leading up to that moment, it gives the listener a moment of whiplash, but in a good way. I also appreciate when artists go against what is expected, and while the change is not drastic, it’s enough to maintain interest.

Another great switch-up comes in the third verse by rappers Joohoney and I.M where their aggressive vocals are given center stage by muffled beats before the guitar riff comes back for the verse transition. With a track, this intense, the members’ vocals could have more easily gotten lost, but each member holds their own beautifully. In particular, Hyungwon hits a smooth run into his falsetto right at the end of the pre-chorus, a nice contrast to the darkness and heaviness of the track. There is also some nice vocal layering in the final chorus of the song, mimicking the building of the track, before ending abruptly. It’s a satisfying release from the grip this song has.

“Beautiful Liar” takes some of the best elements of Monsta X’s sound, while still bringing something fresh. The group has shown yet again why they are know to release consistently well-arranged and amazingly delivered work.

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