Fall Out Boy Saves Rock and Roll Again With An Energetic Comeback Track “Love From The Other Side”

In the dead of winter, Fall Out Boy is back to ignite our love for cool instrumentals and captivating lyrics. The Chicago quartet dropped a new single and album announcement on January 18 after a few weeks of hinting at new music. “Love From The Other Side” sees the band returning to more of their original pop punk sound. This track will also be part of the band’s upcoming eighth studio album, So Much (for) Stardust. With this new album, Fall Out Boy is returning to their former record label, Fueled By Ramen, and working with producer, Neal Avron, who worked on some of the band’s most iconic albums in the 2000s. Whenever Fall Out Boy returns from some time off, we know it’s going to be an amazing year for music.

One thing Fall Out Boy has never struggled with are lyrics. Pete Wentz truly has a way with words and fans are still hanging onto everything he writes. “Love From The Other Side” is a lovely return to form with thoughtful imagery and metaphors. It also works well to evoke all the emotions that have come from our “post pandemic” society as it feels like we’re on “the other side of the apocalypse.” Additionally, the song talks about the pain in both relationships and general hardships from recent years. The honesty in the track is sure to resonate with both longtime and new fans. 

Besides the riveting writing, “Love From The Other Side” really stands out in terms of instrumentation. Although Fall Out Boy had experimented with more electronic elements on their last album, this track is more of a return to the band’s origins. With a heavy emphasis on guitar riffs and a colorful rhythm section, “Love From The Other Side” is exhilarating. There’s also a beautiful, orchestral intro that really makes the single unique. Plus, with Patrick Stump‘s soulful voice, it showcases Fall Out Boy at their very best.

“Love From The Other Side” has already garnered attention from the minute the track was released. Fans are praising how it’s sonically similar to their albums Infinity on High and Folie à Deux. However, it still has a fresh feel showing how much the band has evolved in their many years as a band. It’s incredible how a band can drum up this much hype for an eighth album. Fall Out Boy is giving the people what they want and that’s memorable riffs and lyrics. We can’t wait to see what’s on the other side when the rest of the album drops on March 24.

Featured Image: Fueled By Ramen

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