What do you think of when you think of tribute bands? Gimmicks and costumes? When you think of cover bands, who perform the works of a variety of artists and genres, do you think of small, local college bars, and renditions of your favorite hits that come close but aren’t quite the same?

Electric Avenue are both and neither. They might more rightly be considered an 80s tribute and cover band. Electric Avenue’s impact relies not on showy tricks or namedropping famous artists or songs for clout, but rather upon putting on an amazing show that is like being transported back to 80s radio and vinyl (or cassette) era.

That said, as a band from Atlanta, GA, they aren’t limited to performing at local venues or even regional. Not only are they touring (100+ shows in a year), they often join recognizable names on cruises and on stage, such as The Walking Dead cast, Pitbull, Kid Rock, Pat Benatar, and more. The group were even hand selected to perform at 80s-centric movie Blinded By The Light‘s red carpet premiere.

The photographs below were taken at their show in Birmingham, AL. Fans at the show said that they always attended every time Electric Avenue came to town; some seeing them more than 5 times!

You can develop a fan base, in part, with energetic, entertaining, and engaging stage shows and Electric Avenue has that in spades. What really sets Electric Avenue apart is that they really REALLY are the best 80s band in the US. You need to see them in person to judge for yourself just how well they faithfully perform classic 80s hits, but don’t just take my word for it: Major music labels, such as the homes for Tears for Fears, Howard Jones, and Depeche Mode have issued cease-and-desist against Electric Avenue for using the label’s artists’ original recordings on Electric Avenue’s social channels. In each case, however, Electric Avenue was able to prove (e.g., by providing a complete live recording) that it really WAS them performing the song.

You can’t capture the 80s in a photograph, so these photos only tell part of the story, but the artists that are Electric Avenue capture the sound of the 80s with a faithful representation that can only come from an authentic love for the music of that era. What you can see in the photos is that the fans attending the shows are delightedly joining the band in the celebration of 80s music.

Electric Avenue is still touring, here are some upcoming dates:

Keep up with the band on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and their website.

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All Images: Dana Bush

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