PVRIS Empowers Women With Electric New Track “GODDESS”

Being a women in 2023 isn’t easy, especially in alternative music spaces. PVRIS is here to celebrate femininity with their new track “GODDESS” while also releasing the anger of how difficult being a woman can be. Lynn Gunn brings a powerful voice to the industry and everyone should be listening. “GODDESS” is the third single from the Massachusetts band’s upcoming fourth album. The range almost the tracks released so far is wide. Yet, all songs sound uniquely like PVRIS. We’re glad them signing to Hopeless Records has given them more creative freedom and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

“GODDESS” is an energetic track that is sure to get all the ladies (and men) listening to dance. It’s a celebration of how iconic and powerful women are. However, not all parts of being a woman are easy. The song also addresses how a lot is expected as women and how men expect us to fit a certain mold. The lyric that hits the strongest is the last one, “it’s your body fuck the man.” It feels like a scream into the void, but we as women really deserve autonomy over our bodies. Singing and dancing along to “GODDESS” is cathartic and makes us feel seen.

Sonically, the single leans more into the electro-pop genre that the band has been exploring recently. Nonetheless, the through line of the song are the deep bass and guitar riffs. PVRIS has mastered the art of incorporating various musical elements to make a uniquely satisfying sound. The production is crisp and the voice effects are used expertly to add emphasis to the song’s message. Lynn’s vocals and Brian MacDonald‘s bass lines blend to make one powerful track.

So if it wasn’t obvious, we’re really digging “GODDESS” and everything PVRIS has been cooking up lately. It’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown as musicians. So, we’re really excited for album number four which should hopefully be coming soon. Plus, PVRIS is joining the lineup of Sad Summer Fest this year. They’re a great addition to the lineup and everyone in the crowd will surely be dancing to “GODDESS.”

Featured Image: Hopeless Records

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