BSS Second Wind Review

BSS Catch Their ‘Second Wind’ With New Single Album

Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi are back! The three SEVENTEEN members have made their return as BSS, one of the various sub-units formed under the SEVENTEEN umbrella. The sub-unit made its debut back in 2018 with the single “Just do it,” and is now back with three new songs on the album Second Wind.

In a press release, it was announced that the release is designed to be part of a workout playlist for different times of the day. Alongside the sleek and sporty marketing inmages for the release, the songs definitely meet the criteria. The album’s opening track, “Fighting,” featuring Lee Young Ji is the explosive kick-off to the workout session. Dripping with funk influence and bursting with infectious pop, the song instantly makes you want to move, whether in a more traditional workout or to just dance. It’s a strong and solid opener, opting for an uncomplicated arrangement to do its job effectively. Lee Young Ji’s verse offers a nice punch of hip-hop over a slower beat for a quick rest between sets.

The second track “LUNCH”, while not as intense as the album’s opener, still keeps energy levels high with nice synth work giving the track a euphoric and galactic vibe. It’s a sweet track, using cooking as a metaphor for declarations of love. It’s a unique and endearing twist on a love song and with the members’ buttery smooth vocals, it makes listeners hungry for more. The final track on the album “7PM” featuring Peder Elias marks the cooldown of this intense workout. A guitar ballad, the track is a relaxing and magical wind down continuing the love story of “LUNCH.” “Our answer is here in front of our eyes / After a long, long day, the two of us meet / One drink for a day tired of jokes / The night comes too soon,” Hoshi sweetly sings in the chorus. It’s a charming song, perfect for winding down and reminiscing.

Second Wind is a short and sweet trio of songs showing a nice range of the members’ talents. Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi are all very solid and strong vocalists, particularly in the amount of character they bring to their performances, and this release is full of their fun-loving and carefree nature.

Featured Image: PLEDIS Entertainment

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