CRAVITY Groovy Single Review

CRAVITY Get ‘Groovy’ With New Lead Single

CRAVITY is back and ready to get you dancing! The nine-member group has made their latest comeback with their newest mini-album Master: Piece, and is continuing their trajectory of delivering feel-good tracks, especially with the album’s lead single “Groovy.”

With a title like that, it’s no surprise that “Groovy” is a disco-influenced dance track. Brimming with sparkling synths and builds that explode in a high-energy chorus, the track is a textbook example of the modern feel-good and sweet pop song. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it takes it for a solid ride. With that said, there is a nice little break in the rap verses, where the instruments take a slightly more subdued approach to let the members’ vocals shine. Another nice and clean breakdown comes in the bridge, making a great spot for a dance break. Onto the vocals, the CRAVITY members deliver each line with confidence and earnest Lyrically, the song fully embraces the catchy hooks that are easy to catch on to and sing along. Again, like with the arrangement, this isn’t anything we haven’t heard before, but sooner or later you’ll catch yourself at least humming along to the chorus. It’s one of those cases where if the instrumentals weren’t as solid as they are, the lyrics would have needed to be a bit more unique to keep one’s attention, but luckily, the group’s got a solid foundation with this one.

“Groovy” is a fun and sweet comeback single, perfect for kicking off CRAVITY’s newest release. It pulls you right into its colorful world of modern bubblegum pop mixed with disco. Despite its rather routine approach, it has little deviations in the rap verses and bridge that keep things interesting. It’s a song that listeners will definitely be returning to for a dose of good vibes, sing-alongs, and groovin’.

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