Seventeen Super Song Review

SEVENTEEN Become Their Own Sun Wukong With ‘Super’ Single

SEVENTEEN is back and ready to “move on to the next world!.” The 13-member group’s most recent comeback marks their tenth min-album, FML, with one of its lead singles being the hard-hitting “Super.”

“Super” is an interesting track, blending together some elements that SEVENTEEN is no stranger to. It opens with a great and full-bodied arrangement with elements reminding me of Latin dance tracks. It sounds like the track is going in the way of a luscious anthem, with driving verses. Then it delves into what we’ve come to expect from groups as of late; the anti-drop. I have nothing against anti-drops, it’s just that there have been so many songs in K-pop recently that have utilized them. With this song, I really wish they had kept that full sound going full throttle in the chorus, instead of dropping into sparsity. That void also showcases one of the more grating vocal effects of the song, which doesn’t add anything to the track, and the pitch isn’t the most pleasant sound to hear throughout the track. The song does at least waste no time getting back into the high energy in the post-chorus led by members Hoshi’s and DK’s group hyping chant, but even with that, it’s a jarring switch up that would have benefitted from being built up to, rather than jumping in head first, maybe having it as the bridge would have served the track better.

With that said, there are moments of the song that are incredibly strong and would have been better choices to lead the song. Mingyu’s refrain near the beginning of the track is brilliant and incredibly catchy, really highlighting that slight Latin influence in its melody. I loved hearing this refrain make a reappearance later in the song. I did enjoy Woozi’s verse right at the end, which makes the most of the anti-drop, honestly if the chorus followed this lead, I wouldn’t have minded it as much. The lyrics are a fun and empowering nod to the legendary story of the Monkey King, most famously appearing in the novel Journey To The West. Like elements of the track, the lyrics are all about driving forward and conquering all of your goals.

With all of that said, the members of SEVENTEEN are in top form in their delivery and power. Overall, “Super” is a song that, with some editing, could be a much more engaging and exciting track. All of the pieces to the puzzle are there, it’s just that some need to be rearranged.

Featured Image: PLEDIS Entertainment

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