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“In Her Shoes” by Sophia Scott Is a Love Letter to Mothers

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, Sophia Scott released her new single “In Her Shoes” last Thursday. The musician wrote the song as a love letter to her mother, Alison Scott. The artwork for “In Her Shoes” is a picture of little Sophia with Alison; below the photo, we can read “dedicated to my mama Alison Scott.”

A master of songwriting, Sophia perfectly chronicles what it’s like to look up to your mother while growing up, then realize you’re becoming more like her by the day as you get older. Lovingly, Scott describes her mother’s personality and some of the struggles she had to face, like working two jobs to be able to pay rent. Definitely, “In Her Shoes” celebrates what being a mom entails, and the track should be played at every Mother’s Day party or reunion.

Overall, “In Her Shoes” is an anthem for mother-daughter relationships. With lyrics such as “there’s always a part of her everywhere I go,” Sophia captures the unbreakable link that ties mothers to their offspring. Of course, storytelling is a crucial element of the country genre, and Scott nails it with her words. Likewise, Sophia’s voice is powerful when it needs to be, and her tone never feels forced. The musician’s vocals grab the listeners’ attention immediately.

On June 9th, Scott will be performing at the Country Music Association’s 50th CMA Fest, and all proceeds will go to the CMA Foundation, whose goal is to enrich music programs in schools all around the US. You can get tickets here and support a great cause.

With a large catalog of songs, amazing collaborations, and superb songwriting, Scott is a powerhouse who should get even more recognition for her craft. Listen to “In Her Shoes” below and remember to stream the song and all of Sophia Scott’s previous work. Also, send the new song to your mom. Happy listening!

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