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Bishop Briggs Shares Emotional “Baggage” in First 2023 Release

Bishop Briggs is back with a new single, “Baggage,” and an EP announcement. The singer-songwriter unveiled the music video for the song last Friday, and 12 hours later, she revealed her new EP, When Everything Went Dark, will come out on June 23. The news about the EP sent the fans into a frenzy as Bishop has been hinting at new music for a while now.

Last year, the musician released many singles, but there was no certainty over whether they’d be part of a larger body of work. With the announcement, we now know the 6-track EP includes the previously-released singles “High Water” and “superhuman” as well as “Baggage” and three new songs called “Reborn,” “Cherry on Top,” and “Bad.”

Regarding “Baggage,” Bishop stated that this is “the first song where I stand in the mud and triumphantly stomp my feet in it […] I have found that when I unabashedly show my imperfections and my wounds, I am growing.” Overall, the single is about accepting your flaws and learning to live with emotional wounds.

With lyrics like “my enemy’s on the inside; it’s bleeding me, bleeding me dry” and “I’m broken, bruised and damaged / Gave up on feeling balanced,” Bishop comes to terms with the fact that she’s far from perfect. She knows she has to work on herself but cannot continue denying her burdens.

Moreover, the music video for “Baggage” is as good as the song. In it, we can see Bishop and other people fighting their afflictions. The characters’ emotional bruises are shown as blue spots around their faces and bodies, which are hidden for everyone else. Briggs explained that she wanted to show that “our trauma can be meticulously hidden even if someone appears okay on the outside. I hope that whoever watches knows that they are not alone.”

Definitely, the characteristic that draws Bishop Briggs fans to her music the most is her voice. Nevertheless, her songwriting skills are admirable, too. The emotion shown in the lyrics for “Baggage” show the musician in an emotionally raw light, and her passion for writing shines throughout.

For sure, Bishop will delight listeners once more with When Everything Went Dark, and we can’t wait to listen to the EP in full. This fall, the artist will embark on the Don’t Look Down Tour with MisterWives across the US. You can get tickets here.

You can listen to “Baggage” and watch its music video below. Also, you can pre-save or pre-add When Everything Went Dark to add it automatically to your music library on June 23.

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