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Matt Maeson Battles Inner Demons in “Rational”

Just nine months after the release of his sophomore album, Never Had to Leave, Matt Maeson unveiled a new song titled “Rational.” In the song, the musician examines his mental health. The production was in charge of both Matt and Owen Lewis. Lewis shared via Instagram that “Rational” is the first release of multiple Matt Maeson tracks he’s been working on.

Through lyrics like “I disassociate until I’m separate from my body, and I shelter in the words I never said,” Matt delves into the complexities of his personality, and an omnipresent feeling of insecurity is heard in the track. Maeson also contemplates how emotions can lead him to believe things that are not true. “Until I’m finally convinced that you hate me / All because I can’t be rational / Until I’m finally convinced that I’m crazy / All because I can’t be rational,” he sings in the chorus.

In a moment of clarity, Maeson assures himself that those negative feelings are nothing but fabrications of his mind: “And all this confusion is just an illusion.” Nevertheless, he is tired of living with those inner demons, and he believes they’re “borrowing time / Becoming a nuisance.” Along with the song’s theme, listeners can feel Matt’s frustration all over “Rational” thanks to the musician’s voice. He delivers the message in such a poignant manner that makes the audience relate to what he’s singing about. Overall, “Rational” is a great song and a solid addition to the musician’s catalog.

Starting this month and through October, Matt Maeson will embark on the That’s My Cue Tour, where he’ll be visiting places he’s never performed in before. If you want to catch any of his shows, make sure you hurry because the tickets are selling out fast. Also, remember to listen to “Rational” below, and don’t forget to stream it and all of Matt Maeson’s discography.

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