Fromis_9 Are Focusing On “#menow” With New Single

fromis_9 are back with their breezy and dreamy sound just in time for summer! The group has just dropped their first full-length studio album, with the lead single “#menow.”

If there’s one thing fromis_9 have done in spades since their debut, it’s consistency. The group’s songs, particularly their comeback singles share traits of being dreamy, fun, and sweet dance-pop tracks. It’s a formula that they do very well, and “#menow” is no exception. With its solid groove and smooth production, it’s an easy to like summer pop song.

Lyrically, the song is incredibly catchy, I already caught myself singing along just on the second listen. It has a sweet message to be honest with ourselves and embrace the parts of us that we usually hide away from the world. With the girls’ airy vocals, it’s an uplifting message that listeners can’t help but be touched by. Just like the instrumental, the girls’ vocals and words flow very smoothly, though there is something in the vocal production that bothers me. There are times where the members’ voices seem to blend a little too much, to the point where I can’t quite hear each members’ unique tones that add more intricacy to the track. I think back to some of their previous singles, like 2018’s “LOVE BOMB” and 2019’s “FUN!” where it’s much clearer to know who is singing.

While it’s great when an artist finds a sound that suits them well, it would be nice to hear the group expand their horizons more. It would be interesting to see the girls dig a little deeper, maybe try their hand at grittier vocals and bolder tracks outside of their soft and poppy sphere. Overall, fromis_9 don’t have to worry about their current status of being a group that can be relied to bring solid songs, but if they take a chance and even just dip their toes into new waters, they could come out with something fresh, and embrace “the new me.”

Featured Image: PLEDIS Entertainment


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