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K.Flay Celebrates Love with “Shy”

Just in time for pride month, K.Flay unveiled “Shy,” the second single of her upcoming album, MONO, which comes out on September 15. She had first teased the song by playing it on her spring tour with Grandson and on Instagram Live. The Grammy-nominated artist also shared the cover artwork for MONO, shot by Justin Bettman, where we can see K.Flay performing the widely-known magic trick of dismemberment; her upper body on the cover, and her lower body on the back of the album. Bettman revealed that the picture wasn’t photoshopped, and the illusion was created practically.

Back in April, K.Flay released the first single off MONO, an energetic track titled “Raw Raw” about the fear of catching feelings for someone. Following the theme of new relationships, the musician shared that she sent “Shy” to her crush spontaneously. “In my professional life, in my music, I’m so comfortable being loud and brazen, but in my personal life, I’m pretty shy, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. I wrote this song when I had a crush on my (now) girlfriend, and I sent it to her out of the blue. I guess I only know how to flirt through songs? It worked, though,” K.Flay stated.

K.Flay is known for always thinking outside of the box, and “Shy” is no exception. The Dave Hammer-produced song will immediately boost the listeners’ energy. Full of great guitar riffs and beats, the track also has catchy lyrics, a staple in K.Flay’s songs. With lines like “your style was so unusual I knew I had to say hi” and “​​​I wanna get you close, but I don’t know how,” K.Flay perfectly describes the anxiety and excitement of wanting to meet someone new but not knowing exactly how to act or what to say.

The album title, MONO, references one of the darkest periods in K.Flay’s life. In October last year, the musician revealed she had gone completely deaf in her right ear after treatment and therapy for sensorineural hearing loss and labyrinthitis had been unsuccessful. The artist also shared that she was concerned about her ability to keep making music while being totally deaf in one ear, but she was adapting to the condition. With both “Raw Raw” and “Shy,” K.Flay proved to herself that she can still make great tunes, and nothing can stop her from creating art that feels true to her.

You can pre-order and pre-save MONO by clicking here. The 15-track album also includes collaborations with Kid Sistr and Pierce The Veil’s very own Vic Fuentes. K.Flay considers this record the most experimental record she’s made so far, and we can’t wait to listen to it in its entirety. Check out the Griffin Olis-directed music video for “Shy” below.

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