VAV Designer Single Review

VAV Bring Latin Flair Back To Their Sound On ‘Designer’

VAV has shown themselves to be a group unafraid of embracing new concepts with each comeback. From funk and dance pop, to more hard hitting club tracks, and perhaps most notably, their later-adapted Latin pop sound. The group returns to this influence with the track, “Designer,” the lead single off of their newest mini album Subconscious.

The track immediately kicks into gear with a Latin-influenced piano led groove before add a nice rhythmic midi drum beat. The song does also incorporate a nice build into the chorus, before dropping back into the main theme established in the first few verses. Each layer of the track is crisp and adds something to the track, nothing here sounds unnecessary, though it would be nice to have a fuller chorus to change things up a bit and keep the track from staying in the same lane the whole time.

Vocally, the members are solid in each of their deliveries. Each of their unique tones are showcased nicely and are distinct, matching the crispness of the instrumentals. I enjoyed how the members, particularly ACE and Ayno play with the tempo in their parts. ACE takes things to half-time, a sometimes tricky choice that can take a listener out of the mood, but here it flows well. In his rap, Ayno slows up and down the tempo slightly, creating a dynamic verse that has a great flow.

“Designer” overall is a solid song, but does leave a bit more to be desired. What it does, from the production and the vibe, it does well, but the track doesn’t go anywhere. As mentioned before, a few additions here and there, particularly in my opinion, a bigger chorus and bridge, could have given the track just what it needed to elevate it from a nice summer track to a summer bop.

 Featured Image: A Team


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