Kang Daniel SOS Review

Kang Daniel Sends Out An ‘SOS’ With New Single

If we are to think of artists in the K-pop industry who have taken control over their own careers and struck out on their path, few names would come to mind, one of those being Kang Daniel. Since his departure from Wanna One and his former management, Kang has founded his own management company, Konnect Entertainment and has been enjoying the fruits of his intense labor to make it as an artist in an industry where the company you’re with greatly defines how much attention you get. Kang has explored and shown skill in multiple genres with his solo releases, and with his newest mini-album, REALIEZ, he embraces a darker rock sound, especially with the release’s lead single, “SOS.”

First off, let me just start by saying I’m a sucker for alternative, electronic rock, and their myriad of sister genres, so “SOS” already had me sold with its rock and nu-metal-tinged sound. With that said, it is a solidly produced track, with touches going in and out throughout that add more interest, like the guitar bends leading up to the second chorus that were absent earlier. It’s additions like that keep me engaged as a listener, wanting to listen again and again to hear what I may have missed the last time. The build into the full rock chorus is satisfying, increasing the intensity but still maintaining the brooding and dark energy the song is built on.

Vocally, Kang Daniel matches the energy of the song perfectly. He showcases his stable delivery, choosing the right moments to break out of his lower tone to emphasize the intensity, particularly following the first chorus. He doesn’t pull out any fancy techniques and that was a great decision here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to hear more of what a singer is capable of, but there is a time and place, and opting for a moody vibe on a rock song where emotion takes priority was the right move. Lyrically, it’s not hard to make parallels to Kang’s real-life experience setting off on his own not just as an artist, but as a figure in the entertainment industry. “The tip of my tongue is sharp like a knife / Whispering in my ear no more / Surrounded by the snakes and the cobras,” Kang defiantly declares. While showing his strength and confidence in himself, Kang isn’t afraid to also express his doubt and fears, bringing a realistic duality to the track.

“SOS” isn’t so much a call for help, as it really is a battle cry. Kang Daniel once again shows that he isn’t satisfied with sticking to just one sound, while still making each release authentically him. With a work ethic and songs like this, it’s no wonder how Kang has been successful and is carving out his own path.

Featured Image: Konnect Entertainment


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