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Bishop Briggs Sees the Light in Darkness in New EP

Last Friday, Bishop Briggs released her second EP, When Everything Went Dark. Along with it, the artist unveiled the music video for “Reborn.” The 6-track EP includes previously released single “Baggage” as well as 2022 songs “High Water” and “superhuman.”

Starting off with “Reborn,” Bishop encapsulates the overall theme of the EP in this song. The singer shares her journey through difficult times and her coming to terms with her inner turmoil. Briggs sings “I am not myself, I’m stronger now,” showing the growth she has experienced over the past years. In the music video, we see the musician fighting her demons — or her past self —, and, in the end, accepting them.

In “Cherry on Top,” Bishop sings about a toxic relationship that not only affected her but also those she loves the most. The lyrics “gave my heart away and signed the check / Didn’t know that it was counterfeit” illustrate falling in love with a con artist and believing their lies. “Cherry on Top” also deals with the fact that a harmful relationship can mess with someone’s psyche. Despite knowing one’s partner is bad news, one might be prone to adopt that person’s behavior, as the lyrics “cherry on top is I believed it too / I believed me too” depict.

The last two songs in When Everything Went Dark, “High Water” and “superhuman,” are about two of the people Briggs loves the most. “High Water” is a letter to her late sister, who passed away at only 30 years old due to ovarian cancer, which had spread to her stomach. In the track, Bishop truly captures grief and the feeling of emptiness it creates. To end the EP, “superhuman” is a song the musician wrote for her son. In it, Briggs sings “You can do anything / Gonna fight your share of battles in the eye of the storm / But you’ll get through it / ’Cause you’re superhuman.”

All in all, When Everything Went Dark is a very personal project for Bishop Briggs, and it’s clear that her openness in this EP has been helpful for her life journey. We hope the musician continues sharing her amazing music with us for many more years. You can listen to and watch the music video for “Reborn” below, and don’t forget to stream When Everything Went Dark in your favorite platform.

Featured Image: Ashley Osborn / Arista Records

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