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Matt Maeson Navigates Mental Health in “Get Happy”


Matt Maeson released “Get Happy,” the second single off his upcoming third studio album. Just like the previous single, “Rational,” the new song was produced by Matt’s frequent collaborator Owen Lewis.

On the making of the track, Maeson stated that it took a long time to finish “Get Happy.” The songwriter shared, “I started it from scratch with different people and different production three different times. They were all good in their own way, but it never really felt like it had found its DNA until, after sitting on it for two years, Owen and I went into the studio and live tracked it with a five-piece band. It came together immediately. Who knew all it needed was six dudes in a room jamming for a few hours?”

Like many of Matt’s songs, the main theme in “Get Happy” is mental health. Lyrics such as “these thoughts they all leech from my head / I can’t wait ’till I jump off the ledge” reflect the state of anguish the main character is experiencing. With the song’s title, Maeson also offers a tongue-in-cheek jab at the people who try to discredit someone’s mental struggles with a phrase like “you should just be happy,” “just smile more,” among others. “I’ll just get happy instead like you said,” he sings.

In Matt’s words, “the reason I make music is I want my songs to help people feel justified in whatever they’re feeling, especially if they’re going through hard times.” Definitely, “Get Happy” will help many listeners to feel less alone in their mental journey. Adding to that, the track is also extremely good production-wise. All the instruments feel like they’re in the right place, and the energy all the musicians bring to the table makes “Get Happy” a song worthy of playing on repeat. Of course, the singer’s voice is as incredible as always.

On release date, Maeson shared his gratitude to his colleagues and fans via Instagram by stating, “thank you so much to every person involved in the making of this record all along the way. Hope y’all enjoy it; hope it makes you happy, or sad, or angry, or whatever it may be. I hope it makes you feel something.” You can listen to “Get Happy” below, and remember to also stream Matt’s previous single “Rational” and his most recent album, Never Had to Leave. Happy listening!

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