EXO Exist Album Review

EXO Fully Embrace And ‘Exist In Every Moment’ With Newest Album

To say that the return of EXO has been highly anticipated would be a gross understatement. After two years, the legendary group is back with their 7th full length album, Exist, and they didn’t hold any punches.

The album opens with its release single “Cream Soda,” a fast-paced but smooth dance track. The track was a smart choice to be the opener; it is quintessential EXO. Full of effortless falsettos, punchy raps, and fantastic harmonies. Another major part of the whole album is the full and luscious production of each track. From the 90’s R&B of “Regret It” to the love ballad “Let Me In,” everything is cleanly executed and has many intricate layers without overwhelming the vocals of the group. “Private Party” quickly became a personal favorite, with its classic hip hop nods, strings, and crisp synths.

EXO has proven time and time again throughout the years that they can take any number of genres, mash them together, and come out with something fantastic, and the instrumentals on this album are no different. Another standout in its production is “Another Day,” with it’s unique groove and addictive vocal effects. The addition of what I describe as the sound of a tape rewinding throughout the track is another excellent touch. The songs also mess around with tempo and rhythm, constantly keeping you on your toes and eager to hear what comes next.

Now, we can’t talk about an EXO release without discussing the vocals. The group really approached this release with a heavy emphasis on delivering incredible vocals and excellent harmonies. The chorus in the tropical dance track “Cinderella” and in the 90’s boy band-esque “No Makeup” immediately come to mind. The lyrics on the album are overall more sensual and mature, and each member matches that energy with suave sophistication. Rappers Chanyeol and Sehun don’t hold back in their raps, with strong flows and full of power and charisma.

Throughout their years as a group, EXO has undergone many trials and tribulations, but with the release of Exist, they are showing the world that no matter what life throws at them, they will always be there in some way, shape, or form.

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