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BIZZY Navigates Love And Letting Go With Dual Single Release

It’s always a special moment when you find an artist who can take the multitude of confusing feelings you have in your head and articulate them succinctly and beautifully. For Nashville-based singer-songwriter BIZZY, it’s all a result of her incredible vulnerability and desire to be relatable to anyone listening.

Beginning her music journey after being gifted a guitar by her father at age 12, BIZZY hasn’t looked back since, fully embracing her guitar-playing skills and her prowess at telling stories. She released her debut single, “Anybody,” in 2022 after a track snippet went viral on TikTok. Following that moment, she released four more singles, and her streaming numbers kept climbing with each release. Now, BIZZY is ready to continue her upward trajectory with the dual release of “Out Loud” and “I’d Never Tell You.”

“Out Loud” is an instant transportation to the world of summery indie pop. The chorus kicks things into high gear with blistering guitar riffs and filtered vocals. BIZZY’s lyrics reflect the sudden melodic changes perfectly as she realizes the moment she was in love with a close friend. “Didn’t know it til I said it just now / Like I’m on a tilt a whirl hangin’ upside down / F*ck I just figured it out / I think I love you,” she declares in the track. BIZZY’s voice is bold and confident as she confronts intense feelings and the uncertainty that comes with them.

“I’d Never Tell You” is an antithesis to “Out Loud,” with BIZZY deciding to push down her feelings for someone else and never telling them how she truly feels. A driving and synth-heavy track underlines her somber and emotional vocals as she fights her feelings. The chorus bursts into a complete and lush production, mimicking the outpouring of her deepest desires and thoughts. BIZZY’s knack for melodies beautifully pairs with her lyrics, creating an incredibly satisfying listening experience.

With the release of these two songs, BIZZY shows listeners two parts of her story in such a short time. Only some people can express themselves so clearly and openly, and with her clear vision and unapologetic honesty, BIZZY is set to become the soundtrack to all the ups and downs life throws at you.

Featured Image: Maxwell Goldberg


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