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Simu Liu Surprise-Drops Music Video for “Don’t”

Simu Liu released a music video for his song “Don’t,” which he released back in April 7th. Through the years, Liu, who’s well-known for portraying the titular superhero in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, has surprised audiences with his many talents.

This year, the actor played a version of Ken in the blockbuster/cultural phenomenon Barbie. Following Barbie’s advice of “you can be anything,” Liu basically knows how to do everything from serving as Pete Wentz’s stunt double in Fall Out Boy’s music video for “Centuries” to writing his memoir We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story, which came out last year.

When Simu first released “Don’t,” he shared that the song “was written for all the hard times […] where I have questioned my worth and felt like an imposter. It is for every single person who ever has felt alone, different, heartbroken, or hopeless. You are worthy; you belong; you MATTER.” Through his lyrics, Liu perfectly captures the experiences of someone who suffers from imposter syndrome, such as comparing oneself to others, feeling alone in a crowded room, or wishing one was someone else.

Furthermore, the multi-hyphenate reminds listeners of their worth and how there’s still so much life to live. “Don’t give up when you’re halfway down the road / There’s so much more inside you than you know,” Simu sings. He also points out that people don’t have to suffer alone, and those who are the closest to you will always support you even when you feel lonely: “You don’t have to be a soldier / If you look a little closer / There’s somebody rooting for you.”

In the music video for “Don’t,” we see Simu Liu wistfully singing in empty rooms and halls. Audrey Ellis Fox, who has worked with Dove Cameron and Avril Lavigne, was at the helm of the direction. The video mirrors the emotion in the song lyrics, and the black-and-white atmosphere captures the feeling of loneliness flawlessly. You can watch it below, and don’t forget to stream “Don’t” on your favorite streaming service.

Featured Image: Markham Valley Records

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