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The Rose Release First Two Singles From Upcoming Album Dual

For The Rose, their rise to being the group on the international music scenes lips in recent months hasn’t always been an easy one. From their humble beginnings, with the members meeting each other through the busking scene in Seoul, to a bitter fight for the band’s future against their previous management, the quartet have proven time and time again that their dedication to each other and everything The Rose stands for can withstand whatever is thrown at them. Having just released Heal, the group’s first full-length studio album at the end of 2022, the group is ready to take their fans (affectionally called Black Roses) on this next chapter with their newest album Dual. The album is due for release in the coming weeks and to get fans ready, the group has released the first two singles, titled “Back To Me,” and “Alive.”

“Back To Me” immediately establishes itself as an anthem-like, indie rock track. Members Woosung and Dojoon take the lead on vocals for the track, with Woosung’s raspy tones and Dojoon’s smooth transitions playing off each other wonderfully. Telling the story of a love lost due to the narrator’s mistakes, it’s a personal and highly relatable song that fits perfectly into The Rose’s catalogue.

“Alive” switches things up a bit, and like the title of the album suggests, shows off another side to the group. Starting off following the group’s usual delivery of smooth and nicely crafted indie pop-rock, it begins to incorporate EDM elements, starting with filters on Woosung’s voice, before going all in on the bridge, with an intense EDM drop. It’s a surprising moment, but somehow works. It gives the track the extra lift to stand out from what otherwise would be a similar song structure for the group. “Alive” gives hope for more unique moments like that throughout “Dual,” and if that ends up being the case, then making this one of the singles was definitely a smart promotion move.

Even after releasing an album not even a full year ago, to a sold-out tour, and headlining slots on festivals around the world, with “Back To Me” and “Alive,” The Rose aren’t resting on their laurels. Throughout their years as a group and as friends, it has always been evident that this band means everything to the members, and their new music is showing that they haven’t lost their spark, and aren’t planning on slowing down anytime soon.

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