MAMAMOO+ Is Ready For Summer On “Dangdang”

Solar and Moonbyul are ready to hop into summer with their newest release! MAMAMOO+, MAMAMOO’s first sub-unit comprised of the two members, has released their first mini-album Two Rabbits, and on the lead single “Dangdang,” the girls fully embrace their playful side.

Underlined by a twangy guitar, “Dangdang” keeps things light and airy. The track does largely stay at the same level for the whole runtime, though the chorus does introduce some robust beats. The build is taken even higher in the last chorus which comes in after a fake-out ending. The track has unique touches like the previously mentioned guitar that fit into MAMAMOO’s sound, but with that said, the song needs more variety to stand out more. While the intensity of the last chorus is definitely a change, more moments like that earlier in the song would have served it better.

Solar and Moonbyul match the energy of the song well, opting for a softer and airy approach. Solar’s wispy delivery of the title is a sweet touch and nicely contrasts with Moonbyul. Moonbyul has a solid rap verse in the track, but again, it would have been nice to hear more of that to bring another layer to the track. Both members are consistent in their delivery, sticking largely to the same range without any climatic vocal moments. Lyrically, the song also keeps everything light, with the girls wanting their crush to stop messing around and confess to them. It’s a cutesy theme, and the lyrics reflect it well with simple and catchy lines.

“Dangdang” is a perfectly fine and pleasant listen. It’s sweet without being sickly, and is great for the summer season. However, the issue I have with the track is that it really doesn’t go anywhere. Even the climatic final chorus isn’t that climatic, and definitely could have been pushed further. In the very least, if they didn’t want to change the track, the contrast between Moonbyul’s and Solar’s voices could have been emphasized more, just so the song doesn’t feel like it’s going on for too long. “Dangdang” is a song that, given a few tweaks here and there, could have been a standout on this mini-album.

Featured Image: RBW Inc


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