V Love Me Again Review

BTS’ V Wants You To ‘Love Me Again’ On New Single

BTS member V isn’t wasting any time getting fans ready for his debut solo album! The singer announced earlier this week that his debut solo album Layover is set for release on September 8, and has just dropped the music video for the song “Love Me Again.”

It’s no secret that V has one of the most unique, and deepest voices, in K-pop. He also has shown fans over the years his wide and varying music taste, with everything from classic jazz standards to modern day hits, so I was interested to see what his solo material would sound like, and “Love Me Again” is pretty close to what I expected. Over a minimalist track composed of sparse guitar and beats, V sings of a lost love, as he comes to grips with the reality of his feelings. “Said I’m alright / Said I’ll be fine / I’m sorry / They’re all lies,” he confesses. The chorus is pretty repetitive, which isn’t always my cup of tea, but with the simplicity of this song, and the coffeehouse vibes it gives, I don’t mind it as much here.

The track, though not featuring any major or particularly attention-grabbing instrumental moments, serves as a solid vessel for V’s vocals. If anything, this song is almost purely a vocal showcase for the singer, as he performs in his natural baritone. One notable part of V’s vocals is that he often has a more airy approach to his vocals, which makes for a more engaging listen. There are lines in the chorus where he adds a nice little “skip” in his delivery, and I wish there were more accent moments like that.

“Love Me Again,” is an uncomplicated and easy-going track, making it an interesting choice to be the first song we get to hear off of the upcoming album. I almost expected something a bit more dramatic, a la V’s solo outing “Stigma” off of the BTS album Wings. Though, after listening to it multiple times, it’s making more sense. I think “Love Me Again” is just giving listeners a taste of what to expect from V’s solo release, while still embodying a large part of his interests as an artist. It’s classic, smooth, and sophisticated, and it will be interesting to see what other sides to V come September.

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