Sophia Scott Lipstick on You

Sophia Scott Ponders on a Failed Relationship in “Lipstick on You”

Sophia Scott unveiled her new single “Lipstick on You,” a classic break-up song, along with a music video. The song is the latest release from the songwriter’s upcoming debut album, which will come out soon via EMPIRE.

When talking about the track, Sophia stated, “After a breakup, especially one that’s long term, it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that it’s over. You start thinking about all of the years of your life that you spent with this person and can’t help but feel like somehow that time was wasted.” Through using makeup as a metaphor, Scott sings about the process of grief at the end of a romantic relationship. “It’s like it’s easier to move on from the loss of it all when there is something or someone you can blame, so, in this case, we’re blaming lipstick.”

One of Sophia’s strengths as a lyricist is capturing the female experience with straightforward yet powerful ideas, and “Lipstick on You” is no exception. Using elements from everyday life, the musician makes her listeners feel understood and less alone. “Said you hope I’m doing okay, and I said, ‘I’m good,’ but I’m really in the kitchen, mascara to my chin,” Scott sings.

The production of the song is also worth highlighting. Produced by Adam Yaron, “Lipstick on You” features Gospel harmonies and a smooth guitar that complements Sophia’s delightful voice, creating a satisfying listening experience.

Moreover, in the music video for the track, Sophia sings “Lipstick on You” alone in a field, reflecting on the love that ended. Directed by CeCe Dawson, the video has a classic country feeling, and Sophia looks beautiful while singing her poignant lyrics.

With an incredibly active year so far, Sophia Scott has been releasing hit after hit, and we can’t wait for her debut album to come out and swoon audiences all over the world. You can watch the music video for “Lipstick on You” below and don’t forget to stream all of Sophia’s music on your favorite platform.

Featured Image: Dragonfly / EMPIRE

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