Dynamic Duo Tear Drops Review

Dynamic Duo Let Fame Get In The Way of Love With New Single “Tear drops”

One of the biggest standout fixtures of Dynamic Duo’s music has been their brutal honesty and storytelling. Never afraid to confront the past in order to pursue the future, Choiza and Gaeko continue to relive the past with their newest single “Tear drops,” off of their newest release 2 Kids On The Block – Part 2, a follow-up to 2 Kids On The Block – Part 1 released back in June of this year.

Whereas the tracks of 2 Kids On The Block – Part 1 were largely focused on lofi hip-hop beats, creating a more laidback atmosphere, “Tear drops” brings in summer vibes. Backed by a steady beat, the rappers spit lines with a steadfast speed, only letting up in the pre-chorus, where the track opts for a sudden and dreamy muffled sound, like a moment of clarity in the midst of chaos. The bright guitar chords in the chorus fit the end of summer vibes perfectly, keeping things simple but adding enough of a boost to keep the high energy going.

Lyrically, Dynamic Duo don’t hold back on the struggles of letting fame and success get in the way of love. “I was drunk every day with my eyes only on success / Words and actions never aligned when it came to love,” Gaeko confesses in the first verse. The members reflect on how the journey to fame and fortune came with the high cost of losing someone we once cared about. They don’t mince words, with lines like “I wanted something else, I just never said it / Someone younger, prettier, different than you,” showing the effect of fame and attention on the narrator. Despite the bold rejection, in this song, it doesn’t feel like the members are bragging about wanting these superficial things in a partner; it’s a confession to how immature they once acted, and are now realizing the pain they caused.

With it’s upbeat instrumentals, “Tear drops” marks a nice change of pace from the tracks of part one, while still retaining that vulnerability to confront oneself that Dynamic Duo have made a signature of their work.

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