L.S. Dunes Old Wounds

L.S. Dunes Unleash Their Full Potential in “Old Wounds”


L.S. Dunes released “Old Wounds,” their second single of the year. The new song and the previously released “Benadryl Subreddit” are two of the tracks the band wrote and recorded earlier this year in Joshua Tree at Rancho de la Luna recording studio with producer Alex Newport. The band shared via Instagram that “when [‘Old Wounds’] came together, we knew right away that it was something really special, and we couldn’t wait to share it with all of you.”

Overall, “Old Wounds” is a tender ballad in which the riffs and the drums paired with Anthony Green’s voice takes listeners to a fantasy realm. The song is reminiscent of L.S. Dunes’ very own “Sleep Cult,” off their debut album Past Lives. In fact, the production of both songs is not the only thing they have in common; the new tune also has a reference to the 2022 track. In “Old Wounds,” Anthony sings “don’t apologize for wishing you were dead,” whereas the lyrics in “Sleep Cult” are “sorry that I wish that I was dead.”

When talking about “Old Wounds,” Green explained that it was “inspired by something I thought that I had lost that I actually needed to let go of.” Meanwhile, guitarist Frank Iero stated that “‘Old Wounds’ definitely feels like it represents the cold nights out in the desert for me, and it might be one of my favorite songs we have done as a band.”

Definitely, “Old Wounds” is one of L.S. Dunes’ best songs, and that’s saying a lot since the band have released great tracks the past year, and Green, Iero, drummer Tucker Rule, guitarist Travis Stever, and bassist Tim Payne have proven that getting together to form the band has been one of the best decisions made in recent music history. With the release of “Old Wounds,” L.S. Dunes show they can do virtually anything from hard rock to soft ballads, and the result will always be excellent. The band is not going anywhere, and they’ll keep on creating music for as long as it’s possible.

You can listen to and watch the visualizer for “Old Wounds” below, and if you want to take a look behind the scenes of L.S. Dunes’ stay at Rancho de la Luna to record the new songs, you can watch part one and part two of the Limitless Sky Documentary on the band’s official YouTube Channel. Happy listening!

Featured image: Gordon Douglas Ball / Fantasy Records

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