RIIZE Get A Guitar Review

“Get A Guitar” And Join RIIZE On Their Fun And Funky Debut Single

SM Entertainment’s newest boy group RIIZE have finally made their highly anticipated debut! RIIZE (short for RISE&REALIZE) is a seven-member group consisting of members Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Seunghan, Sohee and Anton. Although the group had already release their pre-debut single “Memories,” a few weeks ago, they mark their official debut day with the single “Get A Guitar.”

True to its name, “Get A Guitar” is a track largely led by funk-infused guitar riffs and retro synths. The track is definitely largely funk influenced with bright pop touches throughout, especially in the solid build-up to the chorus. The chorus digs further into the funk with a pounding bassline following the melody as a nice harmony to the members’ vocals. There is a particularly fun guitar run in the bridge of the track, really driving home the theme of the song. The track itself doesn’t have any massive, built-up-to moments, but the groove and suaveness of the song is slick enough to be a fun listen.

Lyrically, the song goes the more bubblegum pop route, with the boys confessing their love and wanting them to “play them like a guitar.” It’s a bit cheesy, but somehow, it just works here. The combination of the clean production and the solid vocals performances from the members make me want to sing along, rather than cringe. Interestingly, none of the members get a particular standout moment to showcase them individually, there isn’t even a rap part, but for a debut single, it’s a nice choice to really show off how strong RIIZE is as a unit.

“Get A Guitar” is a fun and unique debut for RIIZE. Instead of following popular trends amongst current boy groups, they opt for a retro sound with fun and endearing lyrics. With solid releases like this, it will be exciting to see what heights the group rises to.

Featured Image: SM Entertainment


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