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Nothing But Thieves Give EDM a Try with “Something on My Mind”

British band Nothing But Thieves released a collaboration with DJs Purple Disco Machine and Duke Dumont. The track is titled “Something on My Mind,” and it covers themes such as a deep connection with someone and yearning for a potential romantic relationship.

Along with the song, the artists released a Bonnie and Clyde-esque music video. In it, we can see Emily, a mysterious woman portrayed by Bonina González, who kidnaps the Nothing But Thieves members and robs a diner. She also lures Daniel, played by Seamus Dillane, who falls for her and joins her on dangerous adventures. The non-linear narrative in the video confuses the viewers just as much as Emily perplexes Daniel.

The song itself is about wanting to form a meaningful relationship with someone. Lyrics like “I’m not interested in love in a soundbite” suggest that the main character doesn’t want a fleeting connection; they want someone to spend their lifetime with. However, their potential partner might not feel the same way: “I tried to write something that moves the future, but that’s not what you want tonight.” Just like in the music video, one side seems to want a real relationship while the other only wants to have fun.

Overall, “Something on My Mind” is an upbeat track that can lighten up any room and raise the listeners’ spirits. The EDM beat fits perfectly with Conor Mason’s ever-astonishing vocals, and it goes to show that he’s more than a rock star.

You can listen to and watch the music video for “Something on My Mind” below, and remember to stream the song on your favorite platform. Also, as a reminder, there are a few tickets available for Nothing But Thieves’ Welcome to the DCC World Tour, so make sure you catch them on the road — no pun intended —. Happy listening!

Featured image: Columbia Records Germany

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