About Us

Welcome to Soundigest! Below you will find information on all of the wonderful and talented people that worked together to make this site happen. For us, music has always played such an integral role in our lives, and in many cases it’s what connected us in the first place. We are so excited to have a platform to share our experiences and the experiences and insight of others as it relates to music today. Thanks for visiting us!

Our Team:

Jordyn Tilchen, Founder

Anna Glinski, Co-Founder

Amanda Meyer, Editor-In-Chief

Sarah Waxberg, Creative Director & Photographer

Dana Gorab, Artist Relations Manager & Photographer

Darcy DiModugno, Social Media Producer

Emily Young, Editor

Contributing Writers & Photographers:

Alexandra Lekas, Writer

Amanda Larrison, Writer

Amanda Lee, Writer

Amanda Thilo, Writer

Amrutha Satti, Writer

Bhavika Patel, Writer

Bri Miller, Writer

Brianna Vacca, Writer

Christina Morgan, Writer

Christina Rossner, Writer

Cielo Perez, Writer

Emily Perlman, Writer

Flux Psyche, Writer

Giovanna Lambroia, Writer

Giselle Libby, Writer

Grace Lee, Writer

Hayley Morrissey, Writer

Hope Ankney, Writer

India McCarty, Writer

Jessica Tyler, Photographer

Kelsey Sullivan, Writer

Kenly Campos, Writer

Kristen Lagos, Writer

Lauren Brown, Photographer

Luke Wells, Writer

Megan Tkacy, Writer

Myan Mercado, Writer

Palak Jayswal, Writer

Ryan O’Connell, Writer

Sarah DeNunzio, Writer

Vikki McCrory, Writer



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