Taylor Swift Performs on Saturday Night Live

Taylor Swift Performs Dazzling Renditions of “Lover” and “False God”on Saturday Night Live

Nearly a decade after first performing on the show, Taylor Swift made an appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend to belt out two songs from her seventh album, Lover, which dropped in August. Draped from head-to-toe in neon green, the songstress performed the dreamy title track on a lime green stage, playing the tune …

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That’s What Makes You Beautiful: The 5 Best Beauty x Music Collabs

Aesthetics and music have been intertwined for a while. Whether it’s opera, or ballet or a flashy music video, artists can’t be contained to just one form of expression. In fact, some musicians get so well known for their looks, they branch out into not just wearing makeup, but making it, too. And some of …