5 Songs from Shania Twain’s New Album You Can’t Skip

By: Kerry Gallagher//   It’s been around one week since country superstar, Shania Twain, dropped her first album in 15 years, and now that we’ve had enough time to regain our composure, we can finally talk about it! Shania has only ever made daring moves in both her life and career. She basically created country-pop, paving […]

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Get to Know Singer-Songwriter and Filmmaker, Lindsay Katt!

By: Kerry Gallagher//   You may have heard her music on MTV’s The Real World, but there’s more to singer-songwriter Lindsay Katt than meets the eye. Recently, we sat down with Lindsay to talk about her music, inspiration and all about her film The Avant-Gardener. Your music has been featured on a lot of big shows like MTV’s The […]

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3 Reasons Why 2017 is Ed Sheeran’s Biggest Year Yet

By: Kerry Gallagher//   Have you ever questioned Ed Sheeran’s talent before? Me neither. Hearing the first few chords to “The A Team” back in 2011 was all it took for America to fall in love with the English musician, and he certainly hasn’t stopped stealing our hearts since. Between three multi-platinum albums and 16 singles, […]

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